Testing and Commissioning

A complete solution that begins with the testing and commissioning plan and ends with the successful start up load testing  of equipment and system. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Phased commissioning or loads testing. ​We use our extensive library of Inspection and Test Plans, Procedures, Test Verification documents.

Provide our clients with a comprehensive testing and commissioning service on a wide range of HV & LV power system assets including power transformers, current & voltage transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, protection relays, revenue meters, earthing systems, cables etc.

Development of commissioning plans, procedures and verification documents for projects and to provide recommendations if necessary.

To assist you with this, we provide the following services.

Power System Scheme Tests

  • Transformer through tests to check transformer
    protection stability

  • Bus Zone primary injection to check stability

High Voltage & Low Voltage Switchboards

  •  Functional tests, Interlocks etc.

  •  Online and Offline Partial Discharge testing

Earth Systems

  •  Soil Resistivity

  •  Earth Grid Impedance

  •  Step & Touch Potential Tests

DC Power Systems

  • Commission Battery systems

  • Load Tests on Battery Banks

Current Transformers (HV & LV)

  •  Ratios, Polarity, Magnetisation Curves, Winding Resistance,
     IR & PI

  •  Dielectric Loss Angle

  •  Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)

Voltage Transformers (HV & LV)

  • Ratios, Polarity, Winding Resistance, IR & PI

  • Dielectric Loss Angle

  • Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)

Power Transformers 

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Vector Group and Polarisation Index Tests 

  • Dynamic Resistance 

  • HV and LV Winding Resistance Tests 

  • No Load Voltage Ratio (Transformer Turns Ratio) Test 

  • Tan Delta Test 

  • Short Circuit Test

  • Excitation Current

  • Leakage Reactance/Impedance

  • Partial Discharge (Online & Offline)

  • Dielectric Response Analysis (DIRANA) Test 

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) Test 

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis and Furan Analysis for Transformers 

HV Switchgear 

  • Insulation Resistance Tests 

  • Power frequency Dielectric Withstand Test 

  • Contact Resistance Test 

  • Circuit Breaker Contacts Static and Dynamic Timing Test 

  • Pickup and Drop out tests on Under Voltage and Shunt Trip Coils 

  • Interlock and Function Checks 

LV Switchgear 

  • Insulation Resistance Test 

  • Contact Resistance Test 

  • Interlock and Function Checks 

  • Trip Unit 

             ▪   Pickup and Drop out tests 

             ▪   Timing tests 

Protection Relays  

  • Pickup and Drop Out tests 

  • Timing test by Primary and/or Secondary Injection 


HV Cables 

▪ Commissioning tests including

  • Very Low Frequency (VLF) Withstand Test  
  • Sheath Integrity Test 

  • Tan Delta Test 

  • Insulation Resistance (IR)

  • Polarisation Index (PI)

  • Partial Discharge (Online & Off Line)

High Voltage & Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

▪ Electrical tests including

  •  Insulation Resistance

  •  Power Frequency Dielectric Withstand Test

  •  Polarisation Index

  •  Contact Resistance

                    ▪   Static & Dynamic

  •  Contact Timing

  •  Dielectric Loss Angle

  •  Partial Discharge

                   ▪   Online & Offline

 ▪ On-board Protection Relays

  •  Set up

  •  Primary & Secondary injection