Repairs, Refurbish and Overhaul

Maintain and repair a wide range of HV and LV electrical equipment. This includes power transformers, current transformers (CTs) & voltage transformers (VTs), HV & LV circuit breakers, switchgear and switchboards, protection relays, revenue meters, electrical earthing and lightning protection systems, HV cables and other electrical assets.

Highest degree of workmanship giving you maximum efficiency with minimum unplanned downtime. Inspection and Test Plans, Testing and Maintenance Procedures, Verification Documentation and Acceptance Criteria and Recommendations specific to your equipment.​

To assist you with this, we provide the following services.

Power Transformers

  •  Transformer Tap changer
         •   Leaking Bushings, Tap Changers
         •   Radiators

  • Maintenance and Repairs of Transformers
        •   Oil streamlining and regeneration
        •   Replacement of bushings and radiators

High Voltage & Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • All types of Circuit breakers – Air, Oil, Vacuum, SF6

  • Maintenance

               •   Contact wear

               •   Mechanical

               •   Oil change

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PES is a company specialising in
Electrical Testing and Maintenance.

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